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Murder One Night

‘Murder One Night’ is Murder One’s critically acclaimed theatre show (press reviews towards the bottom of this page!).

Adapted from one of our murder mystery events, this show transferred to stage in 2010 and is still taking bookings! (A video below shows reviews from one of our audiences 7 years after the show opened!)


A young woman – last seen in the vicinity of the theatre – has dramatically disappeared. The police are in attendance to hold a reconstruction of her last known movements and alongside members of her family are pleading for the audience’s help in this intriguing mystery.

However, skeletons tumbling from the family closet mean events take an unexpected twist… and one of the family is out to prove that blood is thicker than water…

Reviews from audiences as they left this show at The Key Theatre, Peterborough, after the theatre re-booked this show for June 2017:

A Trailer for the ‘smaller’ version of this show:

A choice of show for theatres or other spaces:

The show is offered in two formats:

For audience sizes of up to 100, after the police appeal on stage, the action moves into the auditorium/foyer/bar or other suitable spaces where audiences are able to meet and interrogate the suspects. An intriguing array of clues are also displayed – love letters, diary pages, financial transactions etc –which will prompt lines of enquiry.

For audience sizes of over 100 (to an unlimited amount), or theatres choosing this format, the action remains on stage. After the police appeal and interval the show assumes a ‘Jeremy Kyle’ format – with suspects interrogated on stage by police who also invite questions from the audience.

At the conclusion of both shows a few brave audience members are invited onto the stage to sum up, before all is revealed…


Critics are describing the show as “taking the murder mystery phenomenon to the next level!

A play to die for!” – BBC Online

A crime to miss it” -Whitehaven News

Fantastic…convincing…exciting” -Wakefield Express

Compelling performances…The audience were enthralled throughout” – Buxton Opera House

Totally Gripping”- Neptune Theatre, Liverpool

Edgy, Stunning and Unique!” – Chester Gateway Theatre

The Marketing Manager at the Wakefield Theatre Royal and Opera House said of this show:

…it was great… sold out really quickly with a large waiting list of people wanting to come along…I would do one every night if I could!

Their local paper’s review stated

If they ever do a night like this again I would recommend it, not only because of how well it worked, but because it’s something different…

Click any of the four videos below to see audience feedback from various theatres nationwide.

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