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Murder One actress Sarah in ITV2’s The Cabins

Regular Murder One murder mystery actress Sarah will be appearing in ITV2’s The Cabins where she will be living with a blind date for 5 days!

In ‘The Cabins’ Sarah and 5 other contestants take on the ultimate first date challenge: moving in together. The group will spend time together in the romantic setting, getting to know one another before deciding after 24 hours whether to continue in the hope of finding everlasting love or walk away.

The official synopsis for the brand new programme reads: “Simmering hot tubs, romantic crackling fires, cosy sofas, it’s all here in ITV2’s brand new dating show, The Cabins. Singletons are ditching the dating apps, giving up the ghosting and casting off the catfishers in favour of spending 24-hours getting to know each other in an intimate log cabin”.

The tv show will be aired on ITV2 from Monday 4th January 2021… She’s of course been sworn to secrecy regarding the outcome – just like when Sarah is playing a murder mystery suspect – so we’ll all be tuning in to see the verdict!

Follow Murder One on instagram –  where more photos of Sarah will appear with the rest of the Murder One gang once Covid allows, or keep your eye out on our public events to see murder mystery shows that Sarah may well be appearing in …

Murder Mystery – Wedding Reception Event

Murder One are presently recovering from our latest murder mystery event – this time during a wedding reception at the delightful venue of Tanfield House in Ripon. Our rogues gallery of suspects arrived early at the venue and were mingling with guests from 4.30.

New Free Venue Finding Service

Are you a corporate client that is booking a murder mystery to complement a sales conference, AGM, awards ceremony, product launch, team building event or other company activity ? – Or simply wanting a murder mystery event but haven’t yet sourced your venue?

If so Murder One now offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION venue finding service – sourcing crime-scenes for clients wishing to book our murder mystery events without the additional workload of finding a suitable venue.

We have a dedicated team at our Murder One offices who will specifically spend time learning about your venue requirements, developing a working relationship and understanding your needs and budget before sourcing the ideal venue for your murder mystery and other corporate activity, such as those listed above.

Murder Mystery Testimonials

Corporate and Teambuilding Murder Mystery events throughout the UK and beyond… Clients include The James Bond Stunt Team at Pinewood Studios and HMS Sultan for The Royal Navy…

Murder One in Pakistan – video diary!

Cementing Murder One as an INTERNATIONAL Murder Mystery events company, our actors have just returned from a tour in Pakistan – performing at five star hotels in Lahore and Karachi for some of the most influential and innovative business leaders from many diverse industries within the country.

Murder One film Flower Boy now on Amazon

Following the success of The Goodbye Girl at film festivals world wide, Murder One have now produced their second feature film, Flower Boy – a bullying awareness feature film involving many of our actors and over 250 other cast and crew.

More info about the film, including reviews and an interview with director Aidey Pugh can be found here.

See the trailer below :

Pinewood Studios Murder Mystery

Murder One were delighted to stage another of our murder mystery events for Pinewood Studios, who join our list of prestigious clients. Various Pinewood staff and stunt men and women working at the underwater stage on such films as James Bond became sleuths for the night as the venue for their Christmas Party became a crime scene and they tried to solve another of our fiendish murders.

Want to hire Murder One for your own event? Take a look around our site to see how we stage the perfect murder!

VHS Video Tape Conversion

We can convert your VHS video tapes to digital format.

The Perfect Present!

When we’re not staging murder mystery events or making feature films,  we’re in our editing suite converting VHS tapes for clients!

Relive your old VHS tapes and memories by preserving them in digital formats such as mp4 and .mov files. Share them on YouTube etc and keep them for friends and family, new and old, to enjoy forever…

Simply post us your VHS tapes and we’ll do the rest. Feel free to email any questions to

We’ll return your old tapes or dispose of them safely and securely but only once you confirm that you’re happy with your old memories on a new digital format of your choice!

Or they can be uploaded to YouTube for you to share with friends and family.

For no extra cost we can add any titles of your choice and also set your old VHS videos to music if you wish – just pop your cd/tracks etc in with your VHS when you send them.

Special Offer – we are now offering VHS tape conversion for just £20 per tape

Email us at

The Goodbye Girl on Amazon

The Goodbye Girl

Murder One are delighted to announce that their first feature film, The Goodbye Girl, featuring many Murder One actors, can now be viewed on Amazon Prime. The film received 30 laurels and 10 awards at international film festivals and more info can be found here.  The trailer is above.

Lydia – a somewhat neglected, mysterious and troubled six year old girl – seems to predict (or cause?) a series of deaths in her prayers… Is it just coincidence… or is something more sinister at work… And as the body count rises how will a family member react when they hear the little girl forecast their own death?

Just pray she doesn’t tell you goodbye!

Knives Out !

Are you a fan of the Daniel Craig movie Knives Out?  Have your own ‘Knives Out’ event by booking the UK’s premier murder mystery company for your own whodunnit !  Sift through a similarly intriguing web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind a Murder One murder mystery!

To enquire click here.

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