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Corporate Murder Mystery Events

On the run since 1987, all our murder mystery events are interactive, yet participants are not asked to ‘role-play’. Our team of professional actors will form the rogues gallery of suspects! Your Murder Mystery will be individually tailored to suit your needs, and can be daytime as well as evening events. Your WhoDunnit would be based around a fictitious event that causes the ‘suspects’ and guests to be at your chosen venue. This need not be a hotel, and in the past we have staged murders in country mansions,  golf and country clubs, castles, museums, clients offices, private homes, stately homes, National Trust properties, cruises and trains.

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As your murder mystery event unfolds, arguments and threats will be observed, which will be the prelude to murder… Guests are encouraged to follow, eavesdrop and question the characters, and an intriguing array of visual clues will be displayed in an incident room. At the conclusion of the event, those wishing to sum up their case are invited to do so before all is revealed…

For extra realism you may also wish to book our uniformed officers – as seen on ‘Happy Valley’, ‘Hollyoaks’ & James Bond films – a couple of them are pictured above! Imagine uniformed officers bursting into your function room!

No other company can boast our client list or experience, so for a professional hit we hope that – taking our previous record into account – you will book us for Murder!!!

Click below for a selection of reviews from corporate clients:

Tonight has been the highlight of over 16 years of corporate and social events with this company! The evening was full of fun with a perfect mix of amusement and intrigue! We were all very impressed by the professionalism and quality of the actors, all of whom were total believable and stayed in character throughout. I would have no hesitation to recommend your company to others and I look forward to the next opportunity to meet you all.

Anita C Jordan – Senior VP Finance –EMEA, BSN Medical

An excellent performance – fantastic fun. In addition to the general comments I heard, I made a point of talking to staff members who were apprehensive to the idea of a murder mystery. To a man they all enjoyed themselves and the event is still a talking point and will be for some time. As you know the idea was, subsequent to our merger, to allow staff from both offices to get to know each other and improve everyones working relationship. This has been a huge success and is a credit to your team.

Sheena Gordon, Practice Manager, Scott-Moncrieff Downie Wilson

A fantastic evening, enjoyed by everyone, even those who were sceptical that this would be a worthwhile marketing activity! There wasn’t a single person who didn’t enjoy it. There was no pressure to participate if you didn’t want to – but somehow you just got drawn in. People are already talking about ‘next time’! This was a marketing event with a difference – it was a great way to enjoy an evening with clients – an excellent alternative to the normal networking event

Gill Butchard, Partner of Zenith Chambers


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