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Four Funerals And A Wedding…Murder Mystery

For a unique Wedding Reception Event, why not book our special Murder Mystery whodunnit – “Four Funerals And A Wedding”!?

Murder One have adapted and staged our murder mystery events for Wedding Receptions (as well as many other social occasions) and will obviously work closely with you to ensure your Perfect Day is complemented by the Perfect Murder Mystery! 

Previous happy couples will happily give you a reference as all agreed they’ve been a tremendous success.

Guest Emily Waddington, from another wedding reception murder mystery stated on our blog page “I have to say George and Clive (the bride and groom) did an amazing job keeping this a secret! It was perfect entertainment for the whole wedding party the night before the big day, you could get as involved as you wanted to be. The actors were fantastic, they were in character right from start to finish, even if this did leave us all a bit puzzled to begin with! But it painted the perfect picture for the evening, I cannot believe the actors remained in character so well, I would of cracked so many times, either giggling or crying at some of the comments haha! Thanks so much guys and it was so nice to read that you enjoyed it just as much as we did”

Amy Pattison said of the murder mystery event she booked for a Hen Night said “Just wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the event on Saturday we all had an amazing time and it’s all the girls are talking about at the moment 🙂 Please thank the team that were there on the day they were fabulous and really got into it all. Thank you so much for putting on a brilliant evening”.  Photos from this event can be viewed here.