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Murder One director makes BBC debut this week

Aidey Pugh, founder and director of Murder One, will be taking a break from playing his usual menacing murderous machiavellian suspects in his murder mystery events and instead can be seen playing jobsworth Jonathan in a pilot for a new BBC sitcom, Hospital People, this Friday (Friday 26th Feb, 10.35pm, BBC1).

The sitcom, set in the failing Brimlington Hospital, stars Tom Binns – an award-winning and critical acclaimed character comedian – who’ll be playing five other characters in Hospital People. Aidey massively enjoyed the experience and met some fantastic cast and crew. It was a welcome chance to smile and laugh – something he’s not used to doing in the serious business of murder!

UPDATE : The episode starring Aidey Pugh can now be seen on BBC iplayer here

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  1. Kim

    Absolutely loved ‘hospital people’you really did us all proud! Great acting and real commitment! Well done Aidey!!

  2. Jonah

    Absolutely loved Hospital people, found it really funny. Well done Aidey, nailed your part. 🙂

  3. Well done Aide! You ‘under played’ your character to a tee and therefore it was all the funnier! We both laughed out loud through it all. Fingers crossed for a series!

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